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MROs for Occupational Health Centers

MROs for Occupational Health CentersCertain employers will require that their employees check certain boxes when it comes to their personal health. In order to check on the status of an individual’s health, employees will often be sent to Occupational Health Centers, where Medical Review Officers will address and health-related factors that present themselves in a particular workplace.

As a center that provides the assessment, treatment, and prevention of occupational and environmental health issues, you want to give your clients the timeliest, most accurate results in tests that will:

  • Ensure candidates can meet the physical requirements of a job
  • Monitor health status in a position where individuals are exposed to potential hazards
  • Establish that employees are fit to come back to work after a prolonged absence
  • Ensure employees who are ill, injured, or disabled can continue to work

Regardless of what kind of testing your clients are looking for, MRO Express can provide you with timely, accurate tests and results. We understand that there a variety of employers coming to you looking for the best in a variety of employee testing. MRO Express will help you provide accurate interpretations of tests like:


Trust MRO Express for all of your occupational health center testing needs. Contact us today to learn more!