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Hair Drug Testing

hair drug testing

Hair testing is a process that analyzes hair specimens for illicit drug use. When compared to other types of testing, hair follicle testing can provide a more accurate reading over a longer period of time. Testing 1.5 inches of head hair will provide you with a 90-day history, as compared to the 2-3 day window you’re working with using a urine sample.

MRO Express carefully and accurately interpret the results of hair tests for illicit substances and provide you with fast results. Our Medical Review Officers have maintained a level of experience surpassed by few in the drug testing arena. We supply your companies the protection based on knowledge they expect!

Who Needs Hair Testing

Many employers require that new hires and existing employees be tested on a regular schedule, but other people can benefit from hair testing, too:

  • Parents
  • Legal Professionals
  • Individuals

Web Based Reporting for Hair Testing

MRO Express offers secure web-based reporting for all hair follicle testing with interactive features that allow for greater control when receiving and reporting on hair testing. This web-based program gives you minute-by-minute updates when hair testing results are posted, as well as control of the rate at which they are sent to employees.

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