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Philip A. Lopez M.D Medical Review Officer

Philip A. Lopez M.D. is a full-time Medical Review Officer with 21 years experience in the field of Drug and Alcohol Testing. He has been a full-time MRO free of clinical duties for 12 years. Philip A. Lopez M.D has gained experience with complex Medical Review Officer cases by collaborating closely with the leaders in the Drug and Alcohol industry. Philip A. Lopez M.D is a lead consultant for one of the largest Drug and Alcohol Testing companies, First Source Solutions formerly First Lab Laboratories.

Abbott Partner

Experienced medical review officer services with a focus on large volume drug testing for reduced rates and quick turnaround times.

He also understands the complexity of issues involving risk management. The arena of risk management has gained greater concentration in large and small corporations maintaining lower risk associated with high-risk employment. He collaborates directly on these types of cases with Dr. Donna Smith a teacher for Medical Review Officers through American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) and co-author of the “MRO Manual”. Dr. Donna Smith is considered by many as a pioneer in all phases of Drug and Alcohol testing and specific risk management.

Philip A. Lopez M.D is one of the few Medical Review Officer’s in the country who serves as an expert witness for employers to enhance their risk mitigation and save them money regarding lawsuits from donors brought against them in court cases regarding failed drug screen results.
It is through these relationships with the leaders in the field that he has become a Medical Review Officer that is recognized for having a higher level of knowledge for companies that require expertise in a field that is known to be constantly changing in rules and regulations.


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