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Fingernail Testing Services

Florida Medical Review Officer CompanyDid you know that drug use can show up in something as small as a fingernail? This highly stable, easily to store, ship, and test specimen is at the cutting edge of drug and alcohol testing. Fingernails are made of keratin, which traps blood vessels below the nail as it grows. Biomarkers are locked into the keratin fibers that make up the entire length of a nail, remaining there for as long as 6 months after drug or alcohol use.

MRO Express can provide careful, accurate fingernail testing. With fingernail clippings from each finger measuring 2-3mm, our Medical Review Officers can screen and confirm drug or alcohol use. We have maintained a level of experience surpassed by few in the medical testing arena. MRO Express supplies your company with fast results!

Who Needs Fingernail Testing

Many employers require that new hires and existing employees be tested on a regular schedule, but other people can benefit from fingernail testing, too:

  • Parents
  • Legal Professionals
  • Individuals

Web Based Reporting for Fingernail Testing

MRO Express offers secure web-based reporting for all fingernail testing with interactive features that allow for greater control when receiving and reporting. This web-based program gives you minute-by-minute updates when fingernail test results are posted, as well as control of the rate at which they are sent to employees.


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