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Respirator Exam Testing Services

respirator examRespirators can make breathing easier for the user. OSHA mandates respirator clearances in certain industries to determine whether an employer can safely and effectively wear a respirator. Prior to being fit-tested, MRO Express can carefully and accurately provide this screening and present results in 24 hours.

Our Medical Review Officers have maintained a level of experience surpassed by few in the medical testing arena. We supply your company with fast results!

Respirator Clearance Process

  • Appendix C Questionnaire. This asks for information regarding the employer’s position, workplace, respirator(s) they use, symptoms and/or diagnoses that may compromise safe use of a respirator.
  • This measures lung output. The client performs the test with this mobile machine and sends their Medical Review Officer the read out from the numbers. We’ll then determine based on this info and questionnaire the ability to where a respirator to reduce chances of lead poisoning in many older painted buildings.

Web Based Reporting for Respirator Exams

With MRO Express, you’ll receive your respirator medical evaluation online within 24 hours of completion of the exam questionnaire.


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