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Energy Companies Drug Testing

energy company drug studioEnergy companies provide electricity, water, oil, gas, renewable energy, and sewage removal to the general public. Because the people who work at these companies are entrusted with billions of dollars of public infrastructure, drug testing is required regularly and upon hire. A single mistake caused by a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol could cause community-wide problems.

Energy companies require that all employees comply with the federal drug and alcohol testing. Employees in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs while on the job or providing service to customers are within violation. Scheduled and random drug tests are administered so that society can continue running smoothly.

MRO Express can provide the energy companies with expert Medical Review Officers to provide accurate interpretations of the following drug tests:

At MRO Express, we’re proud to supply the energy companies around the United States with a fast, efficient analysis of a variety of drug tests!


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