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Court Ordered Drug Testing

court ordered drug testingThere are a variety of reasons a person would need to submit a drug test to the United State’s justice system. In certain cases, probation officers are tasked with obtaining drug tests for individuals on parole, while in other cases, drug tests are used to help determine who will win a child custody battle. Regardless of what the needs of your courtroom are, MRO Express can provide you with timely, accurate drug testing.

We understand that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution for your courtroom. Drug testing varies by state and county, as well as the severity of the offense and the person’s history with drug use. MRO Express can provide you with the specific drug testing you need to answer questions in any kind of case.  Our Medical Review Officers are skilled in providing accurate interpretations of drug tests like:

Looking for regularly scheduled or random court mandated drug testing? Contact MRO Express for fast, efficient drug tests!


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