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Probation Drug Testing

court ordered drug testingOften, individuals who are on probation are subject to regular drug testing. It’s extremely common with federal and county probation, as well as probation set forth by drug courts. These drug tests can be scheduled or random and often urine or hair follicle tests.

Probation drug testing programs vary and often depend on the compliance established between a probation officer and probationer. If the probationer exhibits suspicious activity, they’ll likely be drug tested each time they meet with their probation officer. Regardless of the frequency your probation office orders drug tests, MRO Express can provide you with exceptionally accurate results.

Our Medical Review Officers are familiar with the most common drug testing procedures used for probationary reasons including urine, fingernail, saliva, and hair tests. We always provide fast and accurate drug testing results and have maintained a level of experience surpassed by few in the medical testing arena. Our web-based reporting is a secure system with interactive features that allow for greater control and minute-by-minute updates, as well as control of the rate at which they are sent out.

Let MRO Express can provide you with expert drug testing services. Contact us now to schedule your probation drug testing or learn more about our variety of drug testing options.