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What Is A Medical Review Officer?

A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed doctor responsible for reviewing and receiving lab results generated by employer drug testing programs performed by third party administrators. They also evaluate and provide medical explanations for certain drug test results. In other words, an MRO acts as a “gatekeeper” ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process. This includes:

  • Testing the drug specimens
  • Determining if there’s a legitimate reason the test came back positive
  • Recognizing when tests are adulterated, substituted, or invalid
  • Ensuring the timely flow of both testing and results

Using an MRO for drug testing protects individuals from wrongful accusations when positive results are caused by legitimate medications, such as when they contain over-the-counter opiates. Wrongful accusations are not only distressing for the individual but can also lead to legal action against the employer. Therefore we strongly advise all clients testing their workforce to use the medical review process.

At MRO Express our full-time MROs are certified by the Medical Review Officer Certification Council and/or the American Association of Medical Review Officers in all levels of drug testing including: hair, urine, and saliva. This level of experience ensures that our MROs maintain competency with the latest rule changes by the Department of Transportation and other regulatory agencies.

We also offer our clients:

  • Their own account manger
  • Access to a live person, not just an automated system
  • Web based reporting
  • Lead testing and respiratory exam reviews with 24-hour reporting
  • Reports generated with either DrugPak software or RedArrow software, both leading drug testing software on the current market

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