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The Importance of Drug Testing

Why should your company drug test its employees? Substance abuse in the workplace can take a toll on your company’s productivity, and cost both you and your employees money. Although some companies prefer not to, drug testing can keep both you and your employees safe. Here are a few of the reason why you may want to put a drug testing policy in place:

  • Safety: Drug abusers in the workplace can put the safety of themselves and their coworkers at risk, when doing tasks such as operating heavy machinery. If they’re responsible for something like a product safety check, they put your customers in danger as well.
  • Avoiding Lawsuits: If someone is injured as a result of an employee abusing drugs, there could be a criminal investigation or private litigation. 38-50% of all Workers Compensation claims are related to substance abuse in the workplace. And substance abusers file three to five times as many Workers Compensation claims.
  • Productivity: Substance-free workplaces have been shown to have increased productivity. They also tend to have lower employee turnover.
  • Employees Benefits: Drug testing can lower workers’ compensation insurance and healthcare costs, including premiums. It can also help rehabilitate employees that do have a substance abuse problem.
  • Protect Business Reputation: Avoiding lawsuits and retaining talented employees will help your business reputation and keep your standing in the community.

Whether or not you choose to have your employees drug-tested, it’s important to know the risks. If you’d like to know more about drug-free workplace drug testing, contact MRO Express Medical Review Officers today.