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DOT Drug Testing

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is a U.S. agency where employees are tasked with safety-sensitive responsibilities like operating vehicles or commercial vessels. As such, employees of the DOT are subject to workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Anyone designated by the DOT as a safety-sensitive employee is subject to drug and alcohol testing. This includes careers in:

  • Aviation
  • Commercial Motor Carriers
  • Maritime
  • Pipeline
  • Railroad
  • Transit

The most common drugs Department of Transportation employees are tested for include:  marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), and amphetamines.

MRO Express can help the DOT with drug and alcohol testing. Our Medical Review Officers are familiar with the most common testing products on the market including urine, fingernail, saliva, and hair tests for drug and alcohol abuse.

As one of the Top 20 Medical Review Officers for DOT drug screening, MRO Express is here to help your drug and alcohol program navigate the waters of the new DOT Clearinghouse. Learn more about our Clearinghouse Medical Review Officer Services Here!

Fast, Accurate Web-Based Results

MRO Express offers secure web-based reporting for all barbiturates testing with interactive features that allow for greater control when receiving and reporting. This web-based program gives you minute-by-minute updates when barbiturates test results are posted, as well as control of the rate at which they are sent out.


Contact us now to schedule testing for your DOT employees or to learn more about our variety of drug testing options.